PUERTO VALLARTA: A Beautiful Paradise

Located in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful resort city. Puerto Vallarta was named after Ignacio Vallarta, a former governor of the Mexican state, Jalisco. PV is a tropical place, so the weather is typically dry and wet. With humidity at around 75% on average, and a high temperature of 86 °F and a low of 70 °F, that’s typical for the beach city.

PV is also a popular cruise destination and a place to put on your bucket list. With a flight to Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, you can enjoy this dreamy tourist vacation spot. With their available sightseeing tours, you can visit historical landmarks, parks, botanical gardens and churches. You can also enjoy the beach-life, dolphin and whale watching and nature and wildlife tours. There’s never-ending fun to be had.

You can’t go to Mexico and not try the food, it’s the real deal. Mexican cuisine is so yummy. They have delicious tacos and guacamole, and of course you can’t go to a beach city without having seafood, especially Ceviche. There’s so many dishes to choose from.

Well, with that brief education, we wanted to showcase just how beautiful this city is, so please just take in the scenery. It’s breathtaking and we’re glad to feature and share this place with you.

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