Tara Bre, President of Breluxe, started out as a model. She had a natural gift for modeling and the camera just loved her, because she was not only very photogenic, she was born a natural beauty. Having a love for beauty itself, she adored MAC Makeup. She became a makeup artist through them, and later found something else she was good at. She made her clients look absolutely stunning. They were human works of art. Whether they wanted their makeup to look natural or glamourous, Tara had to gift to bring out the best in someone.

Tara wanted to take her talents to higher level and on a grander scale. She wanted to have an impact on people who needed to look their best for one special day in their life and that was the wedding world. She became a pioneer for wedding beauty. Her goal was to fulfill a bride’s beauty needs, so she put together a team. One who provides top notch customer service, a cheerful and positive attitude and guaranteed timeframes to cater to a bride and her bridal party.

That company is Breluxe. Known as, “The Wedding Beauty Specialists”. It’s currently based in both California and Florida, but it continues to expand around the United States and grow in the wedding industry itself. Breluxe works hard to provide quality service, so look out world, here we come!

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