SUSAN SHEK, A Top New York City Photographer

Our good friend, Susan Shek is so talented. Born and raised and based in New York City, she’s a very passionate and creative, multiple award-winning wedding photographer. She has 5 star reviews on such sites as Yelp, The and Wedding Her work is so heartfelt that you can see how she not only captures the couple’s love and togetherness, but she can feel it through her lens, and so can you. Her thing is to document love, and she does such an excellent job at it. She’s at it 10 years and counting.

Born with such a beautiful gift, she has an innate ability with people, that she paints a picture, so to capture every aspect of their wedding, she likes to get personal with her couples. She wants to bear witness, so she can document every precious moment from getting ready to the winding down period. She’s definitely a story teller. Lastly, she also does destination weddings as well, which she hopes she can do full-time in the near future. We love you, Susan! She’s not only a Breluxe fav, but we highly recommend her!

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