STRIKE A POSE: Your Wedding Day

brideposescollageYour wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and to document that, everyone loves to have pictures of their momentous occasion. We all want to have a professional photographer capture the special moments of our big day, so in essence, the bride becomes a model. She is the shining star and a queen for a day, so it’s a must that she looks regal and beautiful in her pictures. You can’t capture certain moments ever again, unless you go to a photography studio and try and recreate your wedding photos, but it won’t have the same touch, because on that day, you were in the moment and feeling the love of being a newlywed and sharing your love with all yours guests and the loving spirit that was in the air.

Brides have to take into account that these are permanent, and they’ll want to look back on them at any given time. They’ll want to share them with their children and even showcase a portrait on their mantelpiece. Either way, brides have to learn how to pose, but not in forced way, but a natural way. Some important tips to remember are:

1) You never want to put your hands on your hips and look sassy.
2) You want to have the best posture. Remember, you should want to look regal.
3) You want to look happy and show what a joyous event this is.
4) You must make it a priority to smile and to smile beautifully and naturally.
5) With potential that you might regret things down the line, no duck lips, scrunch faces or sticking your tongue out like a Rolling Stones emblem. Save those for silly snapshots.

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