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The majority of women love shoes. With that said, when it comes to your wedding day, ceremony and reception included, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable, especially when it comes to your feet. Some women think that being fashionable is painful, which unfortunately is a terrible way to look at it, but with a lot of shoes these days that tends to be the case. You have so many heels that are 4 inches high on average. A lot of them aren’t platforms either. Some women have walking in heels down to a science. It doesn’t bother them to say the least. A lot of the current shoes are made to walk into a place and sit and look pretty for the rest of the time. Forget trying to walk in them at work all day or even to run errands in, your feet will be crying and temporarily paralyzed, but a lot of women do it. A smart woman brings along a pair of sneakers to change into for her lunch hour and after work. That way, she still looks stylish and she finds balance. Your feet will thank you when you’re older.

When it comes to walking all day (or evening) at your wedding, you want to pick a shoe (or even two pairs) that you know your feet can handle. Some women will wear a low heel or even a flat. We’ve even seen some women who wear boots or sneakers underneath. Regardless of what shoes you wear, choose wisely. Even if your shoes feel okay when you try them on at the store, make sure you walk in them as much and a long as you can (before you can return them) to test them out. Very important reminder: Make sure you walk in your shoes on clean carpet that way you can still return them. Good luck with shoe shopping, ladies!

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