haircollageWhen it comes to your big day, aside from your beautiful gown and flawlessly applied makeup, your hair is like the cherry on top. It frames your face, so you want a style that complements your features and matches the style of your dress. The most popular hairstyle for a wedding is an updo. It’s one of the classiest looks out there. Hairstylists can become so creative with the bun of an updo. They can braid it, intertwine it like a woven mat, curl it and twist it. You can also wear your hair to the side or you can wear it loose. You can wear it half up and half down. You can have bangs or hanging side pieces. A lot of women love a sleek brushed down front. Some women opt to wear their hair down, be it straight, wavy or curly. The choice is yours.

Some women love to have decorations put in their hair to give it an added flair. From flowers to lovely rhinestone barrettes, pins or combs. They also have really nice headbands, headpieces and tiaras. These hair accessories really complement and accentuate a beautiful hairstyle.

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