Save the Date Cards – DO YOU HAVE YOURS?

blogsavedateWhen it comes to planning a big function, especially a wedding, it’s best to let your guests know ahead of time to put your special date aside on their calendar, so they can attend your big day. Some people are scheduling freaks, so they have to plan out every little detail in their lives, so you have to let them know who, what, when and where. Then if you plan to invite out-of-town guests who might need to save up some money to attend, it’s a must that you let them know ahead of time. Some ways to go about this are – to send out a mass email to make people aware that you’re planning to have this event. Another way is to use a site like That way you can keep track of your guest list and have a yes, no and maybe attendance log. Lastly, it’s always nice and adds a touch of class if you send out a card. Think of it as a pre-wedding invitation. You want to make all of your details of the date concise and to the point. You can send out a decorative card or something plain and simple. You can have these cards made online, at a printing place or you can even design and print them out yourself. Whatever you choose to do, it’s an act of courtesy to your guests. They’ll appreciate it.

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