Thank you, too! Don’t forget to thank your vendors!

blogthankyouBreluxe loves to deliver the best service possible to our clients, because we stand behind our title of being Wedding Beauty Specialists. There’s nothing more rewarding than to receive thank you cards for a job well done. It warms our hearts to know that our hard work, along with your pretty (and handsome) faces, shows us we’re in the right industry. We want you to not only feel your best on your special day, but also look your best, which is key. You set the scene when you describe how you want to look or when you graciously accept our advice as well. It all comes together so beautifully. We love making our brides (and grooms) feel like they’re the queens (or kings) they deserve to be. Thank you for inviting us into your lives. We love you all! A special thanks to, Jamie (and Bryan). You are such a great part of Tara’s (CEO) life and she loves you so much, and to Stefanie and David Stroot, you’re so welcome and thank you, too!

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