Be on the Bride’s Team – She needs us!

blogtmbrideAs little girls, many of us can’t wait to grow up and become someone’s wife. That of course is after we have our long awaited, most anticipated dream wedding. We yearn to be the apple of our man’s eye. Where he sees us in our beautiful gown for the first time, walking towards him, as a tear drops down his face, because we look like a fairytale come to life. Then we wake up and grow up. No, but seriously, some of this stuff really does happen. That’s because we are TEAM BRIDE forever. No matter if we’re 18 or 60, we all want to be a beautifully stunning, yet breathtaking gorgeous bride. We want all eyes on us. It’s one of our most special and biggest days of our lives. Where we’re a queen or princess and our wedding venue is our castle and the man of our dreams is our king or prince. This is a team where we represent to the fullest.

Not only do we support ourselves as brides, we’re TEAM BRIDE for our sisters, cousins, best friends and even mothers. This is a cause we all support, because we understand what being a member of this team represents. We shall all wear this name proudly as we enter or support the sanctity of marriage.

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