Founder and Creator Director, Rafael Cruz was on to something when he came up with the idea of Oh! Snap Studios. With Oh! Snap, you can have creative and funny photos for you and your guests to keep from a special event (your wedding) and to have a good laugh. It’s an imaginative and interactive photo booth. It’s so much fun! They create and customize backgrounds for any occasion. You can create your own sets/photo booths that are tailored to your needs or you can use one of their pre-made sets/photo booths. They have a built-in social media platform so you can share your photos on Twitter and Facebook, or you can email them, as well as a printed photo and an iPad for instant viewing on site. Your guests can view the pictures in their online gallery and even purchase prints to keep forever.

They have a variety of sets to choose from. From a wallpapered background with a frame, mirror, chair, typewriter or what-have-you to a festive holiday background with Santa and candy canes. To a worded wallpaper-like background to a city backdrop to a fight arena. To a saloon to a haunted house, they have so many quirky and off-the-wall, fun ideas, that your guests will love and have a ball with. They provide you with a photographer, a technician and an assistant to help make this operation run smoothly at your event. Hit them up!

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