YOUR WEDDING WEBSITES – Get yours today!

Get your own wedding website.
             Get your own wedding website.                                          Example from Appy Couple

There’s nothing like having your own website, especially when it comes to your wedding. To have a go-to spot where your guests can get all the 411 they need from the date of your wedding to your registry, is such a great thing to have. They can follow along with the whole planning process. You can share your relationship history on how you met. You can list your venue for the ceremony and reception. You can give information on hotels and whatever accommodations that are needed for your big day. You can have a blog and post all of the happenings of every detail and pictures to coincide with each and every special moment of the planning of your wedding. You can have a guestbook where your guests can sign, so not only can they leave you messages, you can feel the love and have something to gloss over every now and then to see who’s attending (or not). You can do so much and have an online keepsake of one of the biggest days of your life.

There are so many sites that are available out there. Some are free, but of course you don’t get your own domain, and there are some that you have to pay. Isn’t this worth it, though? Some websites are two of our favorite sites: The Knot and Wedding Wire. Other sites include:, and My

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