CANDY BUFFETS – Consider this for your event!

Who doesn’t love candy? Not just a little piece of gum or a breath mint, but a whole buffet of delicious and delectable candy! Yum! Most people who have a sweet tooth can feel their mouths watering as we type and they read (sorry, salt and savory lovers, you’re missing out!). There are endless ideas as to what you can serve. Some people might want to go with a color theme that matches their wedding colors, whereas some people might want to give their guests an array of choices. From jelly beans to chocolate to gummy treats, you can never go wrong with a bar full of sweetness.

Even with a colored theme, you can find various flavors of different types of candy in whatever your color scheme may be. The key is to buy in bulk. There are online retailers who cater to this very thing. Check out sites like: Candy Warehouse and Bulk Candy Store. You can even buy nostalgic candy at: Old Time Candy. Next thing you want is to find pretty glass jars to fill your goodies with. The most popular jars are called apothecary jars. You can use any type of glass jar, preferably with a cover to store your candy, as long as it looks attractive and it’s beautifully displayed. You can also add decorative bows and ribbon to the jars and supplement the bar with flowers as well. Your guests will love it!

Image credits:  We are so happy to feature these amazing vendors.

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