Something Blue…

Need a fun way to incorporate Spring’s hottest color into your wedding parties attire? This season calls for beautiful shades of blue like aquamarine, scuba, and classic blue. You should have no problem at all finding that “something blue” for your big day this Spring!

  • Have your bridesmaids wear different or the same dresses in one of these beautiful shades.
  • If you have already picked out another shade of dress, just incorporate the color into, around, or on their bouquets!
  • Use a sash around their dress for a pop of color.
  • If shoes will be visible enough, have them wear a shade of blue. You can choose to match them, or have a shade completely different!
  • Try some aquamarine bow ties or suspenders for the guys to go with your bridesmaid’s beautiful accented, or colored dresses!

Don’t be afraid to get creative, it is your big day after all!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!


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