How to Beat Winter Skin Blues

We have all been there. Those harsh winter days can really take a toll on our faces, making them dry, itchy and flaky. Here are some tips on how to get glowing, moisturized, and soft skin through the year’s coldest months.

Good skin starts with clean skin, but the cleanser you choose can make all the difference. Try using an oil based or cream cleanser to aid in moisture loss. Dr. Zeichner, MD says to look for ingredients like petrolatum and dimethicone. Or if you want a more  natural approach, try a cleanser with green tea oils. These help trap moisture inside.

Speaking of oils, moisturizers with essential oils can do wonders for your skin during these months. They retain moisture as well as protect from wind and cold. Don’t be afraid to up your moisture intake as well. Heavier creams will be your best friend.

There is no better way to get the most out of your moisturizer then to have an exfoliating regimen one-two times a week. The one catch during winter though, exfoliate with care! Use a more gentler exfoliator on your skin. A new one we love, mushroom extract.

We know sunscreen is a popular discussion for those sunny times of the year, but just because the sun may not always be shining, it’s always there. Wear your sunscreen! Religiously. Zinc oxide is an ingredient found in sunscreen that can repel rays before they even enter the skin! Easiest anti aging trick there is!

Use these tricks and summer will be here before you know it! Stay warm beauties!


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