Bridezillas and how to deal with one


We’ve all heard of them or for some unfortunately, have been a part of the story. The woman who is now a bride about to be married turns into the child throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a grocery store. So how does one handle this you ask? Besides the fact there is usually not much to be done about the bride, there are ways that can help you get through it.

1-Remember, misery loves company but there are strength in numbers, especially when those numbers include family members your deep down, sweet friend of a bride just can’t bare to yell at. They can help alleviate the situation and work as a team to fix whatever it is the bride is unsettled about.

2-Be her shoulder to lean on. There’s always the possibility she feels she’s not being listened to and then like a time-bomb, explodes when she cant take it anymore. Give her a chance and just listen. If that doesn’t work, resort back to number 1!

3-if it comes to money and she is just expecting too much from you, speak now or forever hold your peace. This is a huge reason fallouts and arguments happen between brides and bridesmaids. They wait too long and the tension builds. As a good friend and understanding of finances considering weddings aren’t cheap, she will understand. If not, it may be a fair option for you to bail and explain you can’t be a part of her wedding.

If you’re coming from the professional side of things and dealing with an unmanageable bride sometimes you just have to suck it up and smile. Here’s an experience our team had with a bride who just wouldn’t let us do our craft.

From the consultation to the wedding day, she wanted to run the show. The trial she chose a dark smokey eye- she was blonde hair, blue eyed and chose the beautiful look of a Middle Eastern, dark skinned model. When we suggested a softer look  to flatter her natural beauty, she refused. When we did the dramatic look, she cried saying she felt like she had too much makeup on. It was then she let us do the softer look and she loved it! We left her happy that day with the look that had suited her. Then the wedding day came around and she insisted on using glitter on her eyes because she always does and loves it. After we took a look at it, we told her it was too shimmery for the wedding. The wedding was in broad daylight on a boat and we tried to explain it would wash her out in photos. She did not listen and added the glitter after we left, and just as we told her, the photos turned out disappointing. Trust your artists, that’s what they are there for. To make you look like your best possible you!

When the bride has good energy so will the guests. When we see the look on everyone’s face when the brides look is almost complete, there is no better feeling. It’s a priceless moment! english countryside castle wedding










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