Turn a Disaster into a Disaster Free Wedding Day

Recently I was part of a wedding where one of the worst things possible could have happened. The photographer was late! And I’m not talking 10 or 15 minutes late, not even 30 minutes. She was 2 hours late! Well past the time the cermony time, which got held back an hour. This of course caused a domino effect; with an extremely stressed out bride, a full crowd of guests waiting as patiently as possible in the sweltering miami heat, bridesmaids running around trying to help with the madness as much as possible, and a videographer now also taking on the role as the photographer. Now let me mention, the photographer was involved in a car accident on the way to the wedding, which was not her fault and clearly out of her control.  These things happen. That’s why we are here to help you with some tips on how to turn what may seem like a disaster at first, into the most memorable and stress free day as possible.

For the wedding party:

The one, and probably most important tip I could take with me from that experience as a bridesmaid, was to let the bride be the one to make the decision on how to proceed. She will be stressed and she may get snappy, but ultimately ask her what she wants to do. If she feels like she needs space to think and needs her bridesmaids to “not be bridesmaids” for a moment, give her that. If she needs you around, believe me she will tell you.

For the bride:

Not to state the obvious, but breathe and try and stay as calm as possible.

If it’s an issue with the photographer or photos, you can always sneak out during the wedding reception at some point for extra photos. It is your party after all.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make a plan B ahead of time! This way if something goes haywire, you can always resort to that and save yourself a ton of stress!

One thing you may not think of is to stay away from high caffeinated drinks and coffee. This will only up your anxiety and make you feel much worse.

Remember your bridesmaids are there for a reason, to help you! Assign each one a vendor so you don’t have to keep up with every detail yourself.

I know this next one is easier said than done, but keep smiling. That should go for everyone involved. This will help remind you everything will be alright and keep your spirits high.


Remember, things go wrong. Be prepared for this and by the end of the day you’ll see it was more perfect than you could have imagined 🙂






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