Fitness Friday: Food for the Abs

Happy Fitness Friday! I hope you all are feeling good today!
Today on the blog we are talking about Food for the Abs. Everybody wants to have a flatter tummy especially when spring and summer is coming and its time to wear your bathing suits. No matter how many crunches you do, changing your diet is the best way to get that sexy and sleek midriff.
So here is a list of foods that you can eat up for a flat tummy and give you a lot of nutrients that you need as well.
1.Almonds- one ounce a day (23 almonds)
2. Eggs- one egg a day; unless otherwise stated by your doctor because of high cholesterol
3. Soy- 25 grans of WHOLE soy protein daily
4. Apples- an apple (or two) a day keeps the doctor away!
5. Berries- Half a cup for berries daily
6. Leafy Greens- Three servings daily
7.Yogurt- one to three cups of yogurt daily
8. Veggie Soup- at least one cup of LOW SODIUM veggie soup. Watching your sodium in take will help you lean out faster.
9. Salmon- two- four oz. per week.
10. Quinoa- at least one half cup serving per day.
These food will help you get that sleek tummy that you’ve always wanted. Now go find some recipes to start your day!

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