3 Beauty Trends to try now

Beauty Trends evolve every single day… We see different makeup looks for celebrities everyday. We also see different inspirations from other people, bloggers, our neighbors and of course, our surroundings. Here are my top 3 beauty trends that I hope you guys try. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Beauty is all about trying new things and evolving.

1. Matte Lips

– Try a bright toned matte lipstick (Hot Pink). This makeup look would look great with a simple eye makeup (eyeliner and mascara) and a little blush. Don’t put too much makeup on since you want the attention to be focused on your bright matte colored lips.

2. Knotted Low buns

– If your day is filled with errands, this is a great hair style because your hair will be out of your face and this is something that everyone can pull off. It also only takes about a minute or two to do this hairstyle. Just twist, knot and pin your hair and you are ready to go!

3. Two Toned manicures

-Nail art is a big hit this 2014. There are a lot of crazy nail arts and designs that you could try but this two toned manicure is something easy and simple and you can definitely try this at home! Just paint the base of your nail and let it dry then apply a tape to the dried nail color and apply an accent color  to the rest of your nails. Voila! Easy, simple and fun!

Happy makeup monday! Hope you guys try these makeup tips this week.

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