Your Perfectly Portioned Plate

We love to eat but its the new year and I know that a part of our new years resolution list is to eat healthy.
So here is a good tip on how you can fill up your plate- the right way. (This is also works during the holidays!)

½ Vegetables- Fill your plate with ½ healthy greens. Whether it is a salad or butternut squash, it should fill half of your plate. *If you’re eating a salad, don’t put too much dressing or if you’re having veggies don’t add too much butter (This will make it unhealthy)
¼ Protein- This ¼ is your plate is for your proteins such as chicken, steak, turkey, etc.
¼ Starch- Starch could be anything from whole wheat roll to sweet potatoes. This will be the healthy carbs that you need.
*Don’t forget your fruits!
This is a little tip for you to follow for everyday life or even during the holidays- so you don’t over eat.
P.s. skip the soda and high calorie fruit juices and stick to water and fresh pressed juice & vegetables.
Staying healthy this 2014,

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