How to Wear Nude Lipstick

One beauty must have that ever one should have is the perfect nude lipstick. Nude lipstick doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to look like a walking zombie while wearing it. You should find the perfect color that fits your color tone (skin). You can wear this lipstick everyday and you can play it up with some of these beauty tips

4 hyatt-37

1. Wear it with a colorful shadow. Try BreluxePro’s ‘ Summer Haze’ eyeshadow. This orange colored eyeshadow will make complete your look. Something bright would go well with the nude lipstick.

2. Try your nude lips with a smokey eye. This will bring attention to your eyes. A smokey eye with nude lips is instant glamour! A perfect look for girl’s night out or a sultry date night with you husband, fiance or boyfriend.

3. Bring out those Big, Bold Lashes! Again, this brings the attention to your eyes. It keeps it balanced since you are wearing a nude lip color.

Ladies, as we always say, don’t be afraid to change your look once in a while. Have fun and Stay beautiful!

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