Healthy eating habits for a healthier, new you!

Happy Fitness Friday to you all!!

If you are planning an exercise routine or already on one, make sure your eating habits are up to date with your routine. In other words, don’t SKIP meals to lose weight!

Also, many ladies and gents wonder what to eat before a workout and what to eat after. It is in this case, that your body prefers to use up carbs as a source of energy before your workout. This includes bread, pasta, fruits, and vegetables.However, if you only have 2 hrs from your normal workout routine, try to avoid carb intake of high protein and high fat.

As a post workout routine, you should eat a light meal such as a simple chicken salad, turkey sandwich, or even simply a boiled egg.

Don’t forget the water! Water should be drunk before and after your workouts to keep your body hydrated and safe for workouts!

Learn more here!


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