BreLuxe Beauty Make-up Recommendation: Maybelline’s Mascara Great Lash.

Happy Makeup Monday Beauties!!

Do you ever wonder which mascara is the best? There are so many options these days. We have tried them all, literally!!! Most are okay, but nothing to right home about… untl believe it or not, just recently, we started LOVING Maybelline’s Mascara Great Lash. Yes, this is one of those staple products and has been around forever, but we forgot about it and have been acting fancy and became married to Lancome’s Hypnose mascara. Trust that Hypnose will always have a place in our hearts, but since we were re-introduced to Great Lash we fell in LOVE! It does it all-in-one, lengthens, curls and thickens…. and best of all, it stays put!
Last but not least the cost is very low, so you can reuse and replace freely with no worries. BreLuxe Pro Artist Recommended!

We love this product, thank you!
We love this product, thank you!      Product Information

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