The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

3 hyatt-156 flower 3Wedding preparations are very detail oriented, from wedding dress to invitations, there are a lot of time and energy that goes into it. I applaud all our brides out there! Keep it up! One bridal accessory that will complete your look is your very own Bridal Bouquet. This is something that you will have to carry on your big day so you MUST have something spectacular!

How do you choose the perfect bridal bouquet though? Here are some tips for our brides to be.

1. Choose your wedding dress before you pick the flowers. You have to know the style, color and details of your dress. Your florist will ask you to show all these details so your personal bouquet will COMPLIMENT you.

2.Consider the shape and size of your bouquet carefully. Make sure that you get something that works with your dress. You want your bouquet to balance your ensemble, not drown you.

3. Find out what flowers are on season on your wedding day. Some flowers aren’t available in some seasons, so definitely take this into consideration.

4. Make your bridal bouquet personal. Add something that will represent you. Add some jewels, your favorite color, your favorite flower, etc. Make this YOUR own bouquet.

5.Choose a comfortable bouquet. You will be holding this bouquet the entire day so make sure that you will be comfortable with it so it wont make you look awkward.

Lastly, as I always say. Have fun with it. Enjoy your bouquet!!

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