The Concealer Color Mystery Uncovered

We all know there are endless blushes, eyeshadows, nail polishes and lipstick shades, but what about those concealers? Yes, those too even come in an array of colors. Have you ever wondered what for? There are the flesh colored neutral tones, which are hard enough to match as it is, and then you have colors of the rainbow-pink, yellow, green…how could you not feel lost at this point? With a little help from the pros at lucky mag, we are here to give you the lowdown on what each of those colors are for with a concealer color cheat sheet.


Neutral:Perfect for any minor imperfections or blemishes. Just be sure to match the right shade to your skin tone!



Green: This is great for canceling out any red areas like acne, rosacea, or any broken blood vessels.



Salmon aka Pink: This can even out fair rosy skin and will disguise those purple under eye circles.



Yellow: This works best on olive or tan skin and hides any purple/blue under eye circles or any dark patches.


Orange: This will help cover any dark circles or visible veins.




White: this is a brilliant way to brighten up any areas you want to draw attention to, like the inner corners of your eyes.





And there you have it! Only thing you need now is the perfect paintbrush for your masterpiece! Try our concealer fluff!! It’s flawless at applying concealer, liquids or creams.



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