Travel Beauty Essentials

4th of July came before you knew it and you have a big weekend getaway planned! You’ve packed that perfect bikini, that amazing summer dress, those wedges you’ve been dying to wear….and then the thought we all have crosses your mind, “I know I’m forgetting something!” Here’s an easy checklist to make sure you have those travel beauty essentials packed and easy accessible in your carry on. Nobody wants to walk off a plane looking like they just walked off a plane 😉

Face wash that is gentle on your skin and hydrating. We like Kiel’s ultra facial cleanser. It’s gentle and ph balanced so it won’t strip your skin or over-dry it.

bb cream. Instead of loading your entire makeup bag into your carry on, use a bb cream. It’s like a 5 in 1 and will save you tons of room for everything else on this list! Try smashbox camera ready.

Makeup palette. An easy and convenient way to carry all the colors your pretty little heart desires! Need we say more? And we have the perfect palette for you.

Makeup brushes. How else are you going to paint all that beauty on? Try our very own cruelty free fluffs!

Mascara. Any will do. Just trust us on this one.

And last but not least…

Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste,
you never know who you’ll be getting up close and personal with 😉

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July beauties! 🇺🇸❤️⭐️💙











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