Concealer tips and tricks.

Do you ever wonder about concealer?  Like do I use it?  What color do I use?  How much should I use?  Does it go on first, second?  With a brush or my finger?

Trust us, we have wondered all of these things, plus some!   This Make-up Monday we want to help answer some questions.

Concealer is a product used to conceal or hide blemishes, dark circles, age spots, or freckles.  It can also be used as an eye shadow base, just a little FF! (Fun Fact!)

We find a silicone based concealer works best, it will help to smooth the surface and get more coverage for a flawless look!!  We love MAC’s SELECT COVER-UP or PRO LONGWEAR Concealer.  When shopping for your ceoncealer, choose a color that is the same or a shade lighter than your actual color.  Then apply with a concealer brush….. or your fingers (if you prefer- we feel a brush is better, conserves product and is more sanitary)  Use conservatively and only apply in the areas that you want to cover.  Less is more!   If you are covering spots, we like to get a small pin point brush just to cover the spot.  

Now when do you put the concealer on?  Before the foundation or After?    The super cool thing is you can essentially use conceraler before or after your foundation.  There truly is no right or wrong way.  The big ‘No, No’ is adding a liquid over a powder. Never do that, but liquids over liquids are often just fine.   So, DO WHAT YOU WANT, literally :).

Just a little more…. We would suggest using the concealer after the foundation when covering darker spots like freckles or age spots.   If you have harsh red, blues or greens to cover, try using a color corrector.  Email us or ask a representative when you are purchasing at a store.   Remember, less is often more.  After, set it all with a translucent or sheer powder!  We love Laura Mercier INVISIBLE LOOSE SETTING powder!

Thanks for sharing this Make-Up Monday with us, hope you enjoyed the info!


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