4 breakfast mistakes you are doing right now!

As we all know, eating breakfast can help us slim down. But there are a lot of “healthy” breakfast foods that aren’t going to help us slim down if we keep eating it. Here are 4 easy breakfast foods that are making us gain weight

1. Juice- A glass of OJ for breakfast? That’s a ton of sugar and calories! Why not just eat real fruits instead, this is much more filling and healthier than a glass of juice.

2. Cereal- Cereal can be good if it is not full or coated with sugar. This means no frosted flakes, no cinnamon toast crunch and apple jacks. These are full of sugar and most people pour out way too much cereal than the average serving size listed in the box. More cereal means more calories & sugar.

3. Bagels-  I love bagels. Who doesn’t love bagels? But they are full of carbs= sugar. One bagel  is equivalent to 5 pieces of bread. So just swap the bagel with a toasted whole wheat toast and some almond butter. You can have your bagel as a treat (once in a while)

4. Fruity Yogurt- Yes, Yogurts are good for you. Plain, greek yogurt? Yes. Fruity flavored Yogurt? No. These Fruity Yogurts are full of sugar which means extra calories. Why not just great a plain yogurt and top them with real fruits, unsweetened granola and a little bit of honey or agave nectar.

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