Beauty Fix for the Girl on the Go

Baby Powder Trick:

This is a product that should ALWAYS be in your purse. Baby powder is very essential to have. Do you have greasy hair? Here is a tip! Brush on some baby powder into your roots and voila! Problem solved. Another great trick is to thicken your eyelashes. First, spray hairspray to your clean mascara wand and brush over your lashes. Then grab an eye shadow brush, dab some baby powder and  lightly brush onto your eyelashes. Next is to add your favorite mascara and voila! You will have thicker, long lasting eyelashes!

Toilet Paper Trick:

Toilet seat covers are a miracles in disguise. Toilet seat covers are a perfect way to pick up oil and leaving skin shine free! Blot the toilet seat cover on your oily areas and this will leave you oil free! Also, grab some more and sneak it into your purse. Cut them into card size pieces and bring them on the go! This will leave you shine free for free!

Coffee Trick:

There are a lot of coffee products out there for our skin/ face. But here is an easy, cheap trick that will make you look refreshed and well rested. All you have to do is brew a pot of coffee and transfer them into ice cube containers and freeze them. After 2 hours, add some sticks on the center of the coffee ice cubes and freeze again.  In the morning, grab one coffee ice cube and alternate under your eye for 3-5 minutes. This will make you look refreshed and well rested. You are ready to start your day!

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