Beach Wedding Ideas

Spring and Summer is just around the corner and what better way to start it  by planning your wedding by the beach! I love the beach and being here in Southern California is a true blessing.

Beach weddings are fun, chic and effortless (but there is still a lot of effort put into it). Here are some ideas for your dream, beach wedding.

1. Shells- Of course, Shells are a big part of the beach. You can incorporate it in your bouquet, and decorate your chairs, tables and gift bags.

2. POP of Color- Bringing a bright, fun pop of color through your brides maids dresses can definitely give life to your wedding. They can wear colors such as orange, yellow, bright pink, etc. These colors are perfect because the beach is a very neutral place. Having that pop of colors will liven up your wedding. You can have a pop of color with your flowers (bring bright colored flowers), decorations,dresses and etc.

3.  NO SHOES ALLOWED- Heels and leather shoes are a NO NO. You can have your guests change their shoes as they enter your wedding ceremony  by providing them flip flops or they could be barefoot! Enjoy the sand around you.

4. Party favors- You have a lot of party favors to choose from. Beach towels, sand buckets (with memorable things inside), glass bottles with sand and a note for your guests, these party favor ideas are endless! Make them memorable for you and your guests since they will be looking at this forever. Your party favor will remind them of the special moment they spent with you on your wedding day!

Beach weddings are fun and there are a ton of ideas you could use! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. This is your wedding and it should be something worth remembering!

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