Nice, Toned Butt

Its Fitness Friday!

Here are a couple of exercise moves that would give you a nice, toned tush. Do these moves a few times a week and you’ll be rocking a nice butt around town.

The Kickback

Start on your all fours and kick your right leg straight to the back at a 45 degree angle. Do this the same with your left leg. Repeat 3-4 times for 90 seconds each

The Side Lunge

Instead of lunging front and back, step out your right/ left to the side , bend your knee and do a lunge. Repeat this 10 times.

The Hydrant

Start on all fours and lift and bend your right/ left knee to the side until its parallel to your hips (Like a dog peeing on a hydrant). This move targets your glutes and knees. Do this for 90 seconds each leg for 3 times

Stair runs

Start by running up the stairs, one step at a time. The switch to two steps and if you can do 3 steps at a time.  To kick it up a notch. carry other weights to make it a challenge. Do this 10 times  in a row.

Tone those Glutes!

Enjoy and Work on that Glutes!

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