Is Juicing healthy for us?


So have you heard the buzz on juicing? It seems this is the ‘thing’ to do these days, so we decided to look into how healthy juicing really is! After the holidays we all have been thinking of ways to lose weight and juicers have been selling and it’s a big buzz! But, you might be surprised by what WebMD has taught us.

You can find this Juicer on

You can find this Juicer on

This article from WebMD (Juicing: How Healthy is It?) explains that juicing is great, but it takes out most of the nutrients found within the skin of the fruits and veggies. So, it is not the best for you and it does not give you all the nutrients like eating it does. We were surprised to know that it is better to blend your fruits and vegetables in a blender and add liquid to make it a juice. Cray Cray. right?!!?! We know!!

So save your money and get a good blender like the Ninja or the newer Magic Bullet and add water, Almond Milk, Milk, or whatever you want to make it into a drink! Enjoy being healthy this 2013 Beauties!

Hope you enjoyed Fitness Friday!


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