Hyrdate your skin with EmbryoLisse ‘Lait-Creme Concentre’.

EmbryoLisse Moisturizing Lotion
EmbryoLisse Moisturizing Lotion

For those of you that have worked with us, you may have noticed that we love this moisturizer for our clients and for ourselves. EmbryoLisse ‘Lait-Creme Concentre’ is great for all skin types and very moisturizing without being greasy!  We love it and it is a must have in our kits.  Even Great for a hand moisturizer!

It was created by a physician back in the 1950s and considers the natural balance and composition of the skin. The products help restore skin tone and elasticity while promoting our natural barrier to help protect us against free radicals!  This stuff is amazing.   Read more about it on their website:  http://www.embryolisseusa.com/

By the way, this is really liked by many others, so do your research to see what others are saying too!

Enjoy Staying Hydrated and Protecting your Skin Beauties!  Thanks for visiting Make-Up Monday!


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