Makeup in Your Sleep?

Good Afternoon my Beauties! Happy Makeup Monday to you all!

Makeup is our great friend.. it can cover up redness, acne, balance skin tones, and overall, make our skin look near to perfect. BUT! Sometimes.. if makeup is abused.. it can cause bad results such as breakouts, irritations, pre-mature aging, etc! 

One thing ladies do accidentally is sleep in their makeup.. though you are tired from a long day, you must wash your face with a makeup cleanser and do a nightly skin care routine to prevent breakouts and prevent premature aging.

If you do accidentally fall asleep with your makeup on, immediately remove it the morning after and use the products that you would use at night for the rest of the day. If possible, it is best to go on makeup-less to allow the products to adsorb into your skin better.

Read more on the correlation with sleep and aging here from Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer here:


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