Tone that Belly!

Happy Fitness Friday my Beauties!!!

Thanksgiving has passed and its just about the holidays.. what does that mean?? MORE FOOD YAY!! BUT WAIT.. your belly says NAYyy.. so! lets help tone your belly before and after the holidays!

How do you do it? Well, BreLuxe has researched for you!

First, as with any diet, you must cut back on your total calorie intake. To do so, replace your bad snacks with good snacks or change from eating out at restaurants to eating your homemade food! For example, switch out the chili fries as snacks for a bowl of sweet, crunchy green apples! Overall, try to make fruits, vegetables, and liquids a 70% of your total snacking and eating regime.

Second, exercise!! Do some sprinting as sprinting requires muscle work from your abs to contract to push you forward! Also, weight lifting helps build muscle which speeds up your metabolism and helps burn calories faster!

Learn more here!


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