Classy, elegant shoes for the Angel in White!

Hello and Gooooood Morning my Angels-in-White!!

When picking and choosing your wedding attire, DO NOT leave out the time spent on Shoe Shopping!!!

Wedding shoes add extra sparkle.. extra class… and guarantees your floating elegance as you walk down to runway to your husband to be!

If you are looking for something more modern.. search for heels with open toes or heels of lace only!

However!! Many women choose to go classy and vintage-y and wear white pumps that cover from toes to heel!

Whatever your style may be, shoes to your wedding attire is definitely not something to leave out for the end!!

For Christmas time, extra sparkly or extra glassy shoes would totally add a Cinderella effect for the holidays!

Here are some wedding shoes for you ladies to look at!


xmas shoes

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