Makeup Felonies! Don’t Commit these Beauty Crimes!!

Good afternoon and Happy Makeup Monday my Beauties!

Have you ever done your makeup and thought.. “Did I do anything wrong?” or “Can I do something better?” 

Well! Breluxe has researched and found some Makeup No-No’s from Total Beauty!

1. Do not over pluck eyebrows! Be Super Careful!

2. Try not to wear dark lip colors! Gives you an older look if you are not looking for that look!

3. Blend your Foundation well!

4. Find a foundation that does not oxidize early so it looks nice throughout the day!

5. Less makeup the better!

6. Use NON flaky or too thick mascara! Find mascara that you can easily double up if you need to.

7. Chillllll on the glitter! use only when you go to Fancy events or night events!

8. Do not overbronze! yessss you want cheek bones to be profound, but don’t make them look like they are protruding! Don’t want a zombie look im sure..

9. Nice skin = better and more optimal makeup application

Learn more in detail here!


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