Health Facts You MAY KNOW KNOW! :O

Good afternoon and Happy Fitness Friday my Beauties!!

Do you know all that you need to know about meat? Vegetables? and or even Fruits??? 


Check out what Peter Zhou has to say from “Built Lean” about the 7 foods facts that you may not know about!

1. One Beef Patty Can Be Made From Over 1,000 Cows !!

2. Orange Juice is Flavored Using Flavor Packs Produced by Fragrance Companies

3. Due to Selective Breeding, Chickens Reach Slaughter Size in Half the Time

4. Soy Was Not Consumed, But Used As Fertilizer In China

5. Whole Corn Consumed By People Is Less Than 1% of All Corn Grown

6. Many Baked Goods Claiming to Contain Fruit Don’t Have Any

7. Wood Pulp Has Become A Popular Additive to Foods

Learn the details of Peter’s words from “Built Lean” in full!


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