Prevent Acne before it Hits!

Goood Afternoon and Happy Makeup Monday my Beauties!

Don’t you hate it when you wake up to a pimple?? Acne take FOREVER to clear.. they last from days to even months!

Learn Ten tips for Preventing Acne from Web MD!

1. Keep Your Face Clean and Wash your face daily with a Gentle Cleanser!

2. Moisturize Daily! Gel Moisturizers for Oily Skin and Lotion Moisturizers for Dry!

3. Try an Over the Counter Acne Lotion! Popular and Not too Expensive is Bath and Body Tea Tree Acne Facial Lotion!

4. Use Makeup Sparingly or Lightly

5. Becareful of Products you put in your Hair

6. Keep Hands Off and Away from Face!

7. Dont Stay in sun too long as the heat and UV rays may cause inflammation!

8. Eat Lots of Vitamin A foods!

9. Exercise Daily

10. RELAX! 

Learn the Details here!


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