Good Afternoon my Beauties!! Happy Fitness Friday!

Do you have an event to attend the next week or next month, but can’t seem to find the best and healthiest way to cleave some lbs off your body? BreLuxe has researched and found the top  ways from “Cosmopolitan” to assist you in burning calories and lbs in just a weeks time!

1. Drink Mainly Water : Drinking water, not only fills you up, but also helps to boost your metabolism, burn calories, and consumed at zero calories!

2. Ban White Bread and Pasta: Simple carbs will only lead to bloatting.. not to mention they take forever to metabolize..

3. Spend at least 30 minutes a day to do Cardio- This will burn at least 200 calories a day!

4. Drink a cup of Joe before your workout- You will workout harder without knowing it!

5. Sleep Well! – At least 30 minutes extra every night will help you control your cravings throughout the day .. and also tones muscle!

6. Change up your desserts! – Instead of have a chocolate cake after dinner,, switch to a soft served yogurt!

Learn the details and other Weight loss ways to help you burn 5lbs in one week as acclaimed by “Cosmopolitan”:




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