Common Acne Treatment Mistakes WE ALL MAKE!

Goood Afternoon my Beauties! Happy Makeup Monday to you All!

Have acne and are finding all your products to be useless or feeling that your methods are a waste of time?? Think again! Check out the top 8 mistakes as acclaimed by WebMD Anna Nguyen that we all commonly make!

1. Spend more time with your acne treatment products. 1-2 days is usually not enough to treat acne… it takes about a few weeks to really heal an acne issue.

2. Don’t try too many products at once!

3. Don’t overscrub or overcleanse!

4. Find the right acne products based on your skin type

5. Put your finger away! Stop popping and poke the red stuff!

6. If you find that your acne, no matter what you do is not clearing up.. you MUST see a dermatologist.

7. Use your acne medication according to the directions. Do not overuse,, and at the same time do not underuse it.

8. Even when your acne medication clears up, keep using your products! Cut down to half usage once a day or etc.

Learn the details here!


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