Gooood Afternoon my Fitness Beauties! Happy Fitness Friday!!!!

Looking to lose some weight or burn extra calories but no time for exercise? Just change up your lifestyle!

Here are five ways to lose weight w/out exercise or dieting as stated by FitSugar from Shape.com!

1. Drink lots of water!! Drinking Cold water forces your body to work to and thereby burning calories and speeding up your metabolism without the calories!

2. Get Enough Sleep! Study shows that those with enough sleep eat less than those that are sleep deprived.

3. Eat Slow! It only takes a few minutes for your brain to realize that you are full. Once you are not hungry STOP!

4. Drink Green Tea Daily! Green tea is known to boost your metabolism!

5. Have more friends or family gatherings! Better choices on lifestyle are made with the support of your loved ones!

Learn the details from FitSugar here!



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