Wedding Diet Tricks!

Gooood Afternoon my Angels-in-White!! Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

Wedding coming soon and being diligent with your workout?? Well! You can do more! Try cheating your current diet to help your burn those miniscule calories!

Below are 3 small ways to burn those extra 10-20 calories or cut half of your calorie consumption~

1. Add spice! Spicy foods or additives can help you boost your metabolism and burn an extra 10-20 calories per meal!

2. Downsize your meal! Instead of ordering a large, order a medium. Instead of drinking a sweet drink, switch to water. Basically switch to small bowls if possible!

3. Ask for a To-Go plate as soon as you receive your meal! Upon receival, place half of your portions into the to-go box and eat your meal slowly,, you are bound to be feel full without feeling guilty!

Learn more here!


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