Prevent Early Aging Signs.. You know.. Wrinkles!! D:

Gooooood Afternoon my Beauties! Happy Makeup Monday!!

Want to know about how to prevent wrinkles??

BreLuxe has researched using WebMD to tell you the top 23 ways to reduce wrinkles.

1. Avoid the sun.

2. Wear sunsceen.

3. Don’t smoke.

4. Get adequate sleep.

5. Sleep on your back.

6.  Don’t squint your face

7. Eat more fish

8. Eat more soy

9. Trade coffee for cocoa

10. Eat more fruits and vegetables

11. Use moisturizer

12. Don’t over-wash your face

13. Consume more Alpha-hydroxy acids!

14. Retinoids (including Retin A)

15. Topical Vitamin C

16. Idebenone

17. Growth Factors

18. Use pentapeptides for application

19. Botox (careful)

20. Wrinkle fillers

21. Laser/ Light Resurfacing

22. Chemical peels

23. Dermabrasion

Learn the details here!

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