Natural Eyelash Curls!

Good Morning my Beauties!! Happy Makeup Monday to you all!!

Still learning how to curl your lashes?? Don’t know how to get the perfect natural curl?

BreLuxe can help!

Your lashes can be divided into three sections:




Start at the base and hold for three seconds. Then move to the middle and finally to the end. For a more dramatic curl, do that same thing twice or more depending on the result you like. 

**Do not Crimp or press too hard to get your curl! You will only pull out your lashes or get an unnatural curl! 

If you find that your eyelash isn’t curling, that means that lash curler is not for you!! Spend a little for healthier lashes!

BreLuxe Top Picks:

1. MAC Eyelash Curler

2. Shu Uemura

Check out MAC REVIEWS!

Check out Shu Uemura Reviews!


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