To Eat or To Not Eat Before Workout?? That is THEE Question!!

Good Afternoon my Fitness Beauties!!! Happy Friday to You All!!

Many fitness-goers wonder.. Would I burn more fat if I do not eat before working out??

Well, I suppose it makes sense that if you do not eat before you work out, you would burn your fat and calories that are not of excess.. Yes! That is true! HOWEVER! Without fuel to keep you moving.. the question comes out to.. How long can you last??? In other words,, YOU HAVE A LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF CALORIES AND FAT BURNED!!

Eating small snacks filled with simple carbs do add a little extra bunch of calories, but you are able to last long and as a result burn those snack calories and much more fat from your body!!

Read Jenny’s newsletter for the best snacks to eat before workout!

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