EAT on Your Wedding Day!!

Good Afternoon my Angels-in-White!! Happy Wedding Wednesday to you All!!!

Think not eating on your big day will assist you in feeling comfortable not only in fitting your beautiful outfits but will prevent your stomach from becoming upset?.. THINK AGAIN!

A Wedding DJ had first hand seen a Wonderfully planned out Wedding Day go from Great to… Disappointment..

On a particular day in Kansas City, a wedding was taking place. It included all sorts of ammenities and fun filled attractions including great music, food, and more! However, it was seen that the bride was unavailable for a long time.. it was not until 10-11pm that they found that the bride had fallen ill due to not eating breakfast nor lunch the entire day.. her blood sugar level dropped a great deal due to anxiety of the wedding and not having any form of food intake the entire day.. The bride had to change into more comfy clothing just so the wedding would continue.. the times were disturbed .. and the wedding went the opposite direction of what was planned..


Though you do not have to eat big meals, you can eat a small breakfast and snacks in between! Fruits are an amazing option! Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated and stay away from sugary foods before the “I DO” !

Read the whole story here!


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