Benefits of Mineral Makeup!

Good Afternoon my Beauties!! Happy Makeup Monday to you All!!!

Mineral Makeup! Whats the hype?? What is so good about it!

Ladies and Gents! Mineral Makeup is not amazing because of what is a part of it but actually its great because of what is left out of it!

Ingredients that cause irritation, increased rate of aging, etc such as parabens, harmful oils, and other chemicals that are not in mineral makeup products makes us feel better in our choices of what we put on our skin!

Benefits! :: Mineral makeup contains an ingredient called zinc oxide that actually helps calm down and prevent irritation of the skin!

However, as with ALL makeup product choices, mineral makeup is not for everyone,, before using the product on the entire facial area, try on a patch of your skin first to see if there is a negative reaction to it.

Other than that,, Mineral Makeup is a great method/option to traditional makeup!

Learn more here!


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