Calorie Consumption to Help Lose Weight

Good Afternoon my Fitness Beauties! Happy Fitness Friday to you All!

Here are some ideas to help you strip off a couple lbs per week!

1. Eat only 50% or 75% of your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner meal portions! Share with a friend!

2. Snack between every big meal: granola bars, fruits, vegetables, fruity snacks, small smoothies

3. Walk after every meal

4. Incorporate an exercise routine for every other day or work out at home

5. Stop eating out every night, afternoon, and morning!

6. Bring your own lunch to work!

7. Eat fast food only once a week

8. Check your calorie consumption in your own notebook

Calorie consumption plays a huge role in losing weight every week! Follow those rules and you will win!!

Learn how much calories you need to burn to lose those pounds with this calorie calculator here!


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