Speed Up Your Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss!

Good Afternoon my Fitness Beauties! Happppyyy Fitness Friday to you All!!!

Omg!! It’s Finally the Weekend… THEREFORE!! Time to find out ways to work out.. OR speed up your metabolism to help your weightloss goals!!

According to WebMD, metabolism slows down as you get older.. however, though you cannont control age and time.. you CAN control your metabolism!

Here are the to 10 ways to speed up your metabolism:

1. Build Muscle

2. Step up your Workout

3. Drink Lots of Water

4. Energy Drinks (NOT TOO OFTEN) – but helps

5. Snacking on healthy foods like fruits, granola bars, crackers

6. Spicy Foods every now and then

7. Protein Foods

8. Black Coffee (in moderation)

9. Green Tea

10. Avoid Diets involving less than 1000 calories

Learn more here in Detail from WebMD!




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