Eat Right.. Look Good!

Gooood Afternoon my Beauties! Happy Makeup Monday to you All!!

Studies have shown that diet affects your skin’s beauty in the long run. Living on a good diet prevents your skin from acne and other inflammatory no-no’s.

According to Best Health, here are 3 foods that promote acne inflammation on your skin:

1. Milk

Studies shown that dairy products, except yogurt, stimulate your natural growth hormones which are a stimulatory of inflammatory responses shown on skin. Try cutting back on your milk consumption while incorporating yogurt instead into your diet.

2. Soft Drinks

Back off soft drinks as they are high in sugar which causes a spike in your blood sugar levels which increases acne production and aging

3. Deli Meats

Deli meats, unlike lean meats and chicken, consists of particular chemicals taht may lead to signs of aging.

Learn more here!


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